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Hotel guests want to be hosted in a pleasant environment, one that is impeccably clean from a hygiene perspective. Once the decoration and service have been perfected and each room has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitised, there is one more thing that can make all the difference: installing a professional air purifier.



You would probably be frightened to find out the results of an indoor air diagnosis and how much gets into your body when you breathe! Particulate matter (PM 2.5 and PM 10), allergens such as pollens, bacteria, moulds, spores, hair, germs, viruses, dust mites, fumes, chemicals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs)... this list is not exhaustive but it is already dizzying isn't it? With more and more people suffering from allergies or chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma, eliminating these unwelcome substances has become a major concern.

Inhaling pollutants definitely endangers our health in the long term, but the impact is immediate for those of us who are more sensitive, resulting in a variety of troublesome symptoms or severe episodes. Once an air purifier is installed in a hotel room, the filtration system is able to retain almost 100% of the airborne particles in the room. The air blown out is totally clean, making it easier for guests and employees to relax and feel at ease. Breathing healthy air also means better sleep and avoiding micro-arousals. This is obviously one of the primary concerns in a hotel, as the quality of sleep has repercussions on morale, productivity, health... on the quality of life in general!


You now understand the benefits of cleaning the air in your environment, but the advantages of air purifiers do not end there. With a good communication strategy, customers will soon be making a choice between a hotel room with clean air and an ordinary room. This is a real leg up on the competition and an opportunity to attract and retain customers who are concerned with health and hygiene.

Effective filtration using professional equipment considerably limits the transmission of viruses. In times of health crisis, equipping your establishment with an air purifier and thus being able to attest to the quality of its air is a way to keep your business up and running. We are likely to learn many lessons from the global Covid-19 crisis. Institutions open to the public should now seriously consider the importance of air purification. 

Beyond your customers, don't forget your staff who spend their days on the premises. Working with clean air makes a difference: greater well-being and fewer health concerns. By limiting the presence of allergens and viruses, you reduce the risk of seasonal infections and resulting sick leaves. In short, in the long run, installing professional air purifiers in hotel rooms is a win-win situation.



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