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The different minibar technologies

JVD minibars are equipped with the most advanced technology and are designed for use in hotels.

When it comes to choosing a hotel, today's travelers seek more than just a place to rest their luggage. They want to experience something unique and memorable, where every detail matters. 

Among the many aspects that contribute to customer satisfaction, minibars play a crucial role in the modern hotel industry. These small refrigerators filled with drinks and snacks offer a personalized experience that enhances the comfort of travelers while strengthening the reputation and profitability of establishments. 

Let's take a detailed look at the four technologies commonly found in hotel minibars and their impact on an establishment. 

Compressor-based minibarThe minibars produced by JVD for hotels are eco-friendly, reliable and completely silent.
Compressor-based hotel minibars use a refrigerant fluid that cools through compression. They are efficient and affordable but tend to be noisy and suffer from mechanical wear and tear
Absorption minibar
Absorption minibars generate cold by heating a mixture containing ammonia. They are very affordable, reliable, and completely silent, but they require perfect rear ventilation and can emit a strong ammonia odor in case of leaks. 
Thermoelectric/Peltier minibar
Thermoelectric minibars utilize the Peltier effect to generate cold. They are highly reliable but relatively noisy for hotel spaces. Their temperature is not adjustable, and they tend to consume relatively more energy. 
Thermo-absorption minibarThe minibars of the JVD catalog are designed to integrate with elegance in hotel spaces.
Next-generation thermo-absorption minibars combine the Peltier effect and absorption to generate cold. They are environmentally friendly, reliable, and completely silent. They consume 66% less energy, compensating for the slightly higher cost in less than a year. 

At JVD, our hotel minibars are equipped with state-of-the-art intelligent technologies. The thermo-absorption systems in our hotel minibars make them eco-friendly, reliable, and completely silent. 

Are you looking to equip your establishment with minibars? Contact us and choose to be accompanied by a team of professionals capable of meeting your expectations. 


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