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What do magnifying mirrors actually do for hotels?

Bright cosmos mirror by JVD in a hotel with its flat arm articulated on five axes as well as its magnification vision x5

Whether they are classic, illuminated, floor-standing, or placed on a desk, magnifying mirrors are often used in hotel bathrooms to allow guests to better see the details of their face and body. However, these mirrors have a much greater value than simply facilitating the beautification of guests.

JVD is therefore offering an article today on the numerous benefits provided by the installation of magnifying mirrors in hotel bathrooms and rooms for their owners.

What are the benefits for hotel owners and managers?

The JVD galaxy mirror in operation on stand positioned in a hotel bathroom1- Stand out from the crowd

Firstly, it can improve the overall customer experience and therefore increase long-term customer satisfaction. Complementary to classic mirrors, illuminated and magnifying mirrors can indeed be used by guests for more specific activities, such as hair removal or the application of contact lenses. Guests who feel comfortable in their hotel room are more likely to return, recommend the establishment to their friends, and leave positive reviews on online review sites.

2- A distinguished accessory
The installation of high-quality magnifying mirrors can also help to reinforce the hotel's brand image. Guests often consider magnifying mirrors as a sign of sophistication and luxury, which can help the hotel stand out from the competition.
3- Aesthetic Photos

If your guests take photos in their hotel room, the luxurious appearance of magnifying mirrors can enhance the aesthetics of their photos. High-quality photos can encourage guests to share more content on social media, which can help improve your score on online hotel room booking websites.

How high do magnifying mirrors improve hotel scores?
The Celeste magnifying light mirror produced by JVD offers two possible lights which are hot or cold light with a touch sensor.
For all these reasons, many hotel comparison sites such as include the use of illuminated and magnifying mirrors in their calculations of the score to give to a hotel through their rating out of 10.
Atout France, the national tourism operator in France, considers the existence of an adjustable magnifying mirror as a ranking criterion worth 3 points in its ranking table for tourist hotels*. This places magnifying mirrors at an equal score to that of a bathroom trash can or a wardrobe, which are basic criteria today in hotel equipment to ensure good quality hospitality.
*(Source: decree of 29 December 2021 fixing the standards and procedure for the classification of tourist hotels, criterion number 128)

Faced with these observations, it is clear that it is important for hotels to consider the installation of magnifying mirrors in order to improve the experience of their customers while promoting their sustainability.

The installation problem
However, the installation of magnifying mirrors in already-built hotels often poses a problem. Indeed, the lack of available electrical outlets for solutions usually requires work to integrate mirrors into these spaces. Often tedious, these works are a real obstacle for hotel owners when it comes to installing magnifying mirrors.

JVD's solution

Luminous cosmos mirror by JVD in a hotel room bathroom in installation flat arm articulated on five axes with magnification vision x5

JVD's Cosmos, Galaxy, and Eclips magnifying mirrors operate on a lithium battery and an auto-off system after 3 minutes, ensuring a lifespan of 3 to 5 years. Designed and manufactured in France, these mirrors can therefore be installed in hotel rooms without electrical connections, solving this integration problem.

If you wish to equip your hotel with magnifying mirrors, do not hesitate to contact us. The JVD team will be happy to provide you with its expertise to help you make a difference.


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