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Stars and hotels: new challenges, new ranking

In response to rapid changes in habits these last few years, the French tourism development agency Atout France launched an overhaul of its ratings system. Special emphasis is now given to sustainability and digital technologies, two areas which have become important factors in the decisions customers make in today’s context of ecological and health crises. The result is a new conception of hotel facilities, which are no longer just a place to pass through but rather a real living space where guests can revel, relax and work. And so, the new ratings account for and promote establishments that are able to offer amenities that allow for telecommuting (adjustable meeting areas, Internet access, equipment in guest rooms, etc.) whilst encouraging more virtuous modes of consumption (water and energy conservation, better waste management, recycling, short food supply channels, awareness-raising for guests and training for personnel). 



One of the Barrière Group’s historic hotels, Le Westminster is joining the very select club of France’s greatest hotels. To earn its fifth star, like the George V, Le Grand Hôtel Dinard and L’Hermitage in La Baule, this iconic location on the Opal Coast reinvented itself whilst remaining true to what have been the foundations of its success and reputation since 1924. Its décor was entrusted to interior designer Bruno Borrione, who created discreetly luxurious junior suites with a hushed atmosphere, amongst others. Michelin-starred Chef William Elliott also devised a new surf and turf menu featuring refined, authentic cuisine concocted to take diners on a journey.




Because luxury is not incompatible with recycling solutions, Le Westminster has installed JVD recycling bins in its guest rooms. Discover our round 10 L recycling bins with two containers that make waste sorting easy and discreet.

With its 10L capacity and rubber protection at its base, this basket is ideal for hotel rooms. Its galvanized steel design allows its interior bins to be resistant to water and rust for a longer lifetime.

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