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Minimalism and hotels

Some air, please! No, we’re not going to talk to you here about JVD’s newest hair dryer but rather about the latest trend in interior design: minimalism is making a comeback! This style – similar to Scandinavian, Japandi and slow design – first made its appearance in the 1960s. It endorsed going back to basics by eliminating anything that isn’t necessary. Under minimalism, furniture is decorative but functional and useful, interiors are streamlined and colours are simple. This revival of the famous “less is more” anti-consumerism philosophy has once again become meaningful today. Above all, it gives us that breath of fresh air that we all need so desperately these days.



Nestled at the base of foothills, the gorgeous OKU Ibiza hotel has no shortage of style, which it defines as “Bohemian minimalism”. Its design was inspired by nature and the island lifestyle: natural materials and ochre tones create a warm atmosphere that encourages guests to relax and slow down. The sweet sensation of space is further enhanced by the subtle incorporation of technology and devices into the design.JVD equips this establishment with its products designed to be simple to use and compact.




Our selection of the day, including the mini-ironing board, and the Velyss iron steamer, exudes this minimalist energy. We feel it for example in their design that allows them to be slipped in a closet. The Velyss is a 2-in-1 solution that can be used as iron and steamer. Easy to store, easy to use, it fits naturally into the codes of minimalism. The JVD mini-ironing board is compact and easy to store with its built-in hook. This results in space savings and a clear visual field, both essential in a minimalist hotel room.

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