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The hotel as an instagrammable place

Gone are the days of photo albums and vacation slideshows; today, travel is shared in real-time with hundreds or even thousands of followers. Through Instagram, the hotel experience has been transformed to meet the demands of travelers who are increasingly eager to showcase their stays in the best possible light. Famous and inspiring quotes, flashy neon lights, flattering light halos, mosaics and artistic patterns, vibrant colors, and picture-perfect frames—all means are employed to provide visitors with original and perfectly Instagrammable backdrops for their photos. This presents an opportunity for application users to create beautiful memories of their stay, and more. By facilitating the sharing of flattering photos of their establishments, hotels benefit from free and incredibly effective communication that is sure to attract attention and increase their reputation.

Fairmont Monte Carlo Hotel is equipped with JVD hair dryer

JVD Fairmont Monte Carlo Alto Matte Hair Dryer


Nestled between the Mediterranean Sea and the legendary Monte-Carlo Casino, the Fairmont Monte-Carlo is a must-visit destination for luxury-seeking travelers and those in search of exceptional panoramas. Located on its private beach in Monaco's Larvotto Bay, the hotel offers breathtaking views of the azure horizon. With lush vegetation, a private terrace, a restaurant with panoramic views and a rooftop, as well as bars, spas, a swimming pool, a fitness center, meeting rooms, luxury boutiques... nothing is left to chance in providing visitors, whether for leisure or business, with an unforgettable and highly photogenic stay.




The Fairmont Monte-Carlo has selected JVD's Alteo hairdryers for its meticulously Instagrammable rooms. Featuring a user-friendly activation through its patented LighTouch handle and equipped with an ionizing system to enhance hair drying, the Alteo hairdryer seamlessly blends in design and performance with the surroundings.

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