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As in the house but better!

The past three years and the development of remote work have significantly impacted our definition of well-being, with increased demand for privacy, comfort, and serenity no matter the location. This "like at home" trend has prompted the hotel industry to reinvent itself, giving rise to a new hotel concept: the Hometel. Today, you can see hotel rooms arranged as home spaces thanks to an ingenious zoning system. Cozy studios with expressive design and fully equipped, warm apartments contribute to recreating a true family atmosphere.

The Hometel trend is developed in Marseille by Maison du Monde Suites and Hotels and Vicartem with JVD hotel equipment


After opening a first establishment in Nantes, the interior decoration and furniture brand Maisons du Monde is partnering with the Vicartem hotel group again to create a Hôtel & Suites in Marseille.

Conceived as a true living space, this establishment welcomes both travelers who appreciate style and well-being and professionals, with spaces specially designed for coworking. A friendly atmosphere, attentive service, furnishings combining style and comfort, and JVD range equipment... everything is set up so that everyone feels better than at home!

JVD’s mini corseto coffee machine is the ideal solution for hotels wishing to follow the Hometel movement



With its exclusive JVD design, which makes it the most compact Nespresso-compatible coffee machine on the market, the Mini Corseto is designed to be as practical as possible. In addition to its ease of use, its design allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.

And in line with the search for comfort driven by the Hometel trend, the Mini Corseto's pump is made in Italy, to reproduce the true taste of Italian coffee.

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