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In search of a haven of peace

As the summer period approaches, new trends are emerging, bringing with them a profound change to the hospitality sector. Between considerations of health, wellness, getting back to basics and sustainability, more and more travellers are opting to set off on their own in search of a haven of peace where they can unwind. In pursuit of freedom and human contact, these new disciples of mindfulness are singing the praises of introspective, meditative retreats. Because it's true that it's easier to make connections when travelling on your own, especially with hotel personnel. This gives hospitality establishments the chance to boost their appeal by promoting their locations and their security

The Moselschlosschen hotel in Germany is a place similar to a haven of peace equipped with JVD products


Far from the hustle and bustle of big cities, one of Germany’s most beautiful river valleys hides a veritable oasis behind its mountains: Moselschlösschen Spa & Resort. This holiday venue offers a wide variety of rooms and suites, as well as a multitude of wellness facilities where guests can recharge while surrounded by nature

On the programme are massages, hot tubs and saunas, but also excursions through breathtaking scenery. The ideal wellness and discovery getaway for a new lease of life!

The fortress safe produced by JVD is a secure solution designed for use in hotels





For these solo travelers, nothing is more reassuring than not having to worry about the security of their personal belongings. JVD has therefore developed its FORTRESS safe to be perfectly secure, while remaining practical and discreet. It protects your customers' belongings in their absence with its ability to host a 14-inch laptop and its code lock.

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