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Eco-tourism, to build the tourism of tomorrow 🌱

As awareness of ecological issues is gradually taking root in their day-to-day lives, more and more travellers are taking the environmental impact of their holidays into consideration. This new consciousness gives sustainably designed hotels an undeniable advantage. Better still, travellers are willing to pay more for a stay at a cheerful, eco-friendly hotel. With features like recycled furniture, organic bedding, short supply chains, water savers, air purifiers and so on, eco-tourism is planned down to the last detail so as to please this new clientele, who are as demanding as they are mindful. This is proving to be more than a mere trend, so the sector must begin to reinvent itself now in order to build the tourism of tomorrow.

The Lily of the Valley Hotel is exemplary for its ecological impact



Farm to table is just a stone’s throw away. Lily of the Valley, a 5-star hotel dedicated to weight loss, sport and wellness, is the perfect example of a sustainable establishment, made to coexist with its environment. Designed to be an ode to nature and located just a short distance from Saint-Tropez, it is surrounded by the preserved scenery of the Domaine du Cap Lardier. Short supply chains and local, seasonal products are the ingredients behind the success of this luxury resort, where the health of its guests is intimately linked to respect for the environment.

JVD’s MAJESTIC II bamboo welcome tray is an eco-friendly solution of choice for eco-friendly hotels




The materials used in the various facilities of an establishment like the Lily of the Valley have a strong impact on the eco-friendly aspect of the latter. Made from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified bamboo, our MAJESTIC II welcome tray preserves forests. Robust, it is designed for practical use in the hotel industry with its two grip handles and integrated slots for pouches. The tray is also treated to resist water and designed to be easily cleaned to facilitate maintenance.

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