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👩‍💻 Digital for the customer experience

Mobile check-in, contactless payment, voice control, biometrics... digitalization continues to transform the hotel industry. Establishments can now offer their customers a new experience, including a more autonomous and secure access to their services. This digitalization, combined with data, allows for very precise performance analysis, an easy and effective way to better surprise travelers by offering exceptional stays that meet their needs. And what if you could visit your dream hotel from the comfort of your couch? Thanks to virtual reality, this dream is now a reality in the form of 360° videos. This innovative tool allows hotels to show themselves in their best light, while offering a panoramic view of nearby attractions and tourist activities. An unprecedented experience that will not fail to charm travelers seeking novelty and evidence of quality.

The Appart Hôtel Villa Côté Plateau d'Angoulême is a digitalized and autonomous hotel equipped with hygiene and hotel solutions produced by JVD



To meet the needs of an ever-more connected clientele, the Appart Hôtel Villa Côté Plateau d'Angoulême has fully digitalized its services. From check-in to check-out, travelers are completely autonomous.

All they need is their smartphone and their confidential QR code, which they scan at the entrance to their room. This new, user-friendly system opens the doors to a 100% liberated hotel experience, without compromising on security.


JVD’s Muse alarm clock stations are particularly suitable for digitalized hotel rooms





Since the smartphone is now the essential travel accessory, JVD has equipped its Bluetooth MUSE alarm clock with recharge cables. The assurance of a good night's sleep and waking up with fully charged batteries! Designed for hotels with its non-repeating alarm and integrated battery, this alarm clock offers high-quality stereo sound.

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