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Air quality, important for health and the guest experience!

Although relatively unacknowledged, air pollution in enclosed spaces is nevertheless a reality. In fact, its levels are eight times higher than outdoor pollution, whose harmful effects on our health are well-known (allergies, autoimmune diseases, cancers, and so on). So, when you consider we spend 80% of our time indoors – and even more given the widespread usage of telework - it is more than urgent to begin looking for solutions. And that is precisely what we did in creating our own line of air purifiers : the Shield range. Suitable for both guest rooms and larger open spaces in hotels, our purifiers neutralize and destroy nuisances in the air and protect everyone’s health and wellness.



Air quality is important for health and the guest experience. Here are the benefits of healthy, clean air in your hotel :

- Added-value point of difference by offering purified, allergen-free rooms.

- Reassuring guests with a genuine hygiene solution to protect against COVID-19.​

- Eliminating guest complaints caused by lingering bad odours (pipes, moisture, etc.) and optimising room occupancy rates (no more unavailable rooms due to one-off bad odours such as body odours and cold tobacco).



Our Shield air purifiers serve one single purpose: to restore your air’s original purity.

How do they do that? By eliminating the odours, allergens, pollutants and contaminants that are detrimental to its quality and to your health.

With their perfect combination of cutting edge technology and a unique design, Shield air purifiers preserve your interior environment

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