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Advantages of hand dryers compared to paper dispensers

JVD hand dryers such as the Exp'air model allow for financial gain, action to reduce carbon emissions, simple maintenance and a solution that appeals to the public

The price of the pulp has almost doubled in 2022. But good news, there is an alternative to paper towel dispensers: electric hand dryers. JVD's team offers you in this article to highlight in 4 points the advantages of these devices that are booming. 


10x cheaper than paper!

Allowing a reduction of maintenance actions and operating with low power consumption, the JVD Sup'air Fresh hand dryer even goes so far as to treat bad smells in sanitary spaces

In highly frequented areas, jet air hand dryers are the ideal solution to guarantee controlled costs and a fast drying time. JVD hand dryers consume very little energy while quickly drying. This allows for a reduction in electricity consumption and thus savings. In addition, our hand dryers do not require any intervention to replace paper towels and therefore do not require daily maintenance. A succinct and effective way to estimate the savings generated by the installation of electric hand dryers in your facility is to use the savings simulator created by JVD. It will allow you to highlight the most economical and ecological solution for your spaces.



Up to 75% less carbon emissions!

Yes, not only economical, these devices are also ecological! Research indicates that the use of jet air hand dryers can reduce carbon emissions by up to 75% compared to other systems (EHA studies). The production and transportation of paper are indeed important CO2 production factors. Pulsed hand dryers are therefore an effective solution to reduce its environmental impact. Our pulsed-air hand dryers also reduce energy consumption and eliminate the need for consumables. 


In JVD electric hand dryers, there is nothing to throw away. 

By installing hand dryers, sinks and toilets clogged with paper towels are nothing but a bad memory. Paper also requires flawless logistics to avoid breakdowns. Our hand dryers do not require any paper restocking labour and therefore do not require daily intervention. 


French preferred solution

JVD hand dryers are the preferred hand drying solution in France

More pleasant to use than paper, electric hand dryers are the preferred choice of the French. The majority of French people prefer to use an electric hand dryer, which is considered more pleasant to use by 40% of them. According to a 2018 Harris Interactive survey, more than one in three French people consider the electric hand dryer as the least resource-intensive solution. And they are right! Indeed, with an electric hand dryer, there is nothing to throw away. And to top it all off, JVD innovates on the market with solutions like the Sup'air Fresh. In addition to perfectly drying hands, the Sup'air Fresh dryer and its patented technology neutralize bad odors in the air up to 30 m2. No more bad smells from the toilets!


As you can see, hand dryers have many advantages over paper towel dispensers. Discover our wide range of hand dryers here, you will find a solution adapted to your spaces.

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