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Guide of choice : professional ashtrays

JVD’s collector ashtrays highlight restaurants and other establishments receiving visitors with their elaborate design

When managing a public establishment, it is important to pay attention to the management of the waste generated within it. Among these wastes, cigarette butts are often found in large quantities. According to the French Ministry of Ecological Transition, a single cigarette butt can pollute up to 500 liters of water! Over time, this can become a real problem for the environment and the image of the establishment. The solution? Ashtrays adapted to your spaces.

However, many solutions exist on the market and finding a suitable professional ashtray for your equipment project can quickly become time-consuming and complex. JVD is therefore offering a spotlight on the different options available today to help you choose the ashtray that best suits your business.

Ashtrays and the lawThe establishments receiving from the public must according to decree 2015 337 make available ashtrays like those proposed by JVD
With the arrival of the French 2015-337 Decree, in Paris as in more and more cities in France, the fight for cleanliness has become a priority. Thus, offenders of public cleanliness can be fined €68. Establishments receiving the public are thus mobilized to implement solutions : ashtrays, trash cans, or combinations to participate in this policy.

In addition, regulations on terraces have been tightened. Thus, many terrace charters have been put in place or updated to require owners to provide ashtrays.
Wall-mounted or free-standing ashtray?
Wall-mounted ashtrays are to be fixed to the wall. Made of painted or stainless steel, they are very discreet and can be placed anywhere thanks to their limited size. Indeed, a wall-mounted ashtray allows space savings on the installation site by freeing up floor space. An outdoor wall-mounted ashtray is therefore particularly suitable for positioning near the entrance of a business.

Free-standing ashtrays are placed directly on the ground, in which they can be fixed or not to be moved later. Whether painted or stainless steel, their fineness brings a touch of elegance to your smoking areas. Also called outdoor free-standing ashtrays or tubular ashtrays, this type of solution is suitable for the terraces of cafes, bars, and restaurants.

Both families have ashtrays with containers. They allow employees and visitors to dispose of waste such as cups and various packaging and thus improve the cleanliness of your outdoors. This type of ashtray is most often found as a public ashtray solution, as its storage capacity makes it suitable for high-traffic areas.

Advantages of a professional ashtray
  • UV-treated coating

  • Resistance to corrosion (rust...) and fire

  • Grained surface to prevent scratches

  • Anti-vandalism lock

Proper cigarette butt managementCigarette butts management is simplified by bin ashtrays like those offered by JVD
Ashtrays must be regularly emptied and cleaned to maintain a clean and welcoming environment, which can make the task quite tedious for maintenance staff. To make their task easier, at JVD, all our ashtrays are equipped with interior bins that make them easy to maintain. We have also thought of sites equipped with several JVD ashtrays by creating a universal key for our solutions to simplify daily maintenance operations such as emptying bins.


Do you want personalized support in equipping your professional spaces with ashtrays? Contact us today. Our team of specialists will accompany you by providing JVD's expertise through the implementation of your project.





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