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Guide of choice : professional disinsectiseurs

13 W LED JVD disinsector with very low energy consumption, to be installed on the ground or to be suspended.

Hygiene is a major concern for any business, regardless of its size or industry. This is because pests such as insects can not only affect the cleanliness of the business, but also the food safety and health of employees and customers. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the right professional disinsectiseur to effectively eliminate these pests. In this "Guide of choice" style article, we will review the different options available and help you choose the disinsectiseur that best suits your business.
To provide context, an electric disinsectiseur is a light device that attracts flying insects using Ultra-Violet-A rays (harmless to humans), and then destroys them either through electrification, glueing, or suction. Disinsectiseurs are designed to attract and kill flying insects, especially flies and mosquitoes, but also midges, wasps, hornets, and horseflies.

What does the law say?The Helio electric disinsectiseur by JVD is an innovative JVD solution for removing insects from indoor spaces

For premises where food is prepared and where food is served to the consumer: Article 3 of the decree of May 28, 1997, and Article 3 of the decree of May 9, 1995 specify that the premises must be free from any risk of contamination and define the obligation to protect against the presence of harmful insects.
Electric grid, glue or suction?
Electric grid disinsectiseurs are non-polluting (no chemicals, no odor). They are safe (the high voltage grid is always protected) and do not require consumables. They require emptying the collection tray. They are available with LED lighting to reduce electricity consumption.
Glue disinsectiseurs are non-polluting (no chemicals, no odor). They are safe. They do not generate any crackling or residue projections from insects and are therefore perfectly suited to places with high hygiene constraints. They require changing the glued sheets regularly.
Suction disinsectiseurs are also non-polluting (no chemicals, no odor) and safe (the fan is always protected). Without consumables, they do not generate any residue projections from insects and are therefore perfectly suited to places with high hygiene constraints. However, they require emptying the collection tray.
The must-have of professional equipment
1- Anti-shatter tubes
Unlike standard tubes, anti-shatter tubes are covered with a protective film that prevents glass splinters in the event of an impact. Anti-shatter tubes are recommended, especially for the food industry.
2- IP 54 devices
IP54 devices are suitable for very humid environments. They are protected against water splashes.
Where to install your disinsectiseur?White 20 W JVD DECO glue cleaner with 20 W tube and embedded sheets, protects surfaces around 50 m2, to be laid, hung or fixed to the wall.
For optimal operation, your disinsectiseur should be placed in a warm, dark place, protected from drafts, and at a height (placed or suspended).
No time to be bothered by flies!
Do you want to equip your professional spaces with disinsectiseurs? Contact us today. Our team of specialists will accompany you by providing JVD expertise through the implementation of an disinsector system adapted to your spaces.





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