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Purifying the air in gyms

Athletes in weight and bodybuilding rooms are protected by JVD’s Shield and Shield Compact air purifiers during their workout

What does air treatment really bring to fitness centers ? 

Financial benefits

Air treatment in gyms improves the revenue of these establishments in several ways. Firstly, it reduces the cost associated with illnesses caused by poor air quality (450€/year/employee). Secondly, improving the environment of fitness centers with this solution (without the need for a significant investment) increases the number of members. To top it all off, cleaning the air improves the image of the fitness center and the perceived quality, leading to member retention and ease of recruitment for the establishment.

Health protection

Cleaning the air in gyms creates an allergen-free environment that protects those who are sensitive. Today, 1 out of 3 members in a fitness center is allergic. The same statistics apply for the staff.

Pollutants emitted into the air during the disinfection of equipment in gyms can be treated by an JVD Shield or Shield Compact air scrubber


The reduction of ambient microbial load resulting from air purification in gyms decreases the risk of cross-contamination. These seasonal « airborne transmissions » of viruses such as the flu threaten the occupants of fitness centers and are a key issue in the health management of these establishments.

Air treatment also helps to reduce exposure to chemicals used to disinfect equipment or manage odors.

Enhanced comfort

The comfort brought by air sanitation in gyms can be found in the management of sweat odors and strong body odors, especially during exertion. This air purification also provides a framework for sports activities that facilitates better recovery after exertion, which is beneficial in the long term.

Air treatment with professional air purifiers therefore guarantees healthy air in these indoor spaces without the need for repeated ventilation. This solution is particularly appreciated during winter, when it is too cold to open windows.


What are the nuisances in the air of fitness centers ?

1- Contaminants97% of airborne virus transmission in gyms is stopped by JVD Shield and Shield Compact air purification devices

In the family of pollutant contaminants, gyms are mainly exposed to the threat of airborne virus transmission risks. These risks are multiplied during the winter months of November to March, with the well-known seasonal viruses such as the flu or gastroenteritis.

2- Odours

Sweat odours and strong body odours are omnipresent in fitness centers, especially during exertion. We also find in these establishments unpleasant odours caused by cleaning products used to disinfect equipment or manage odours.

3- Pollutants 
Chemical pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene, PM10 and PM2.5 present in public sports spaces are treated by JVD’s Shield range of air purifiers
The intense use of chemicals for disinfection and the materials used in the manufacturing of sporting equipment release many pollutants into the air. Among them, formaldehyde (a irritant and carcinogenic substance primarily used in the manufacturing of glues, binders, or resins) and benzene (a carcinogenic substance with hematological effects from combustion phenomena such as exhaust gas, chimneys, cigarettes, etc.) Their danger to health is no longer to be proven and they are omnipresent in the indoor air of sports halls, especially in establishments located in city centers.
Also present in the indoor air of sports halls, PM10 and PM2.5 are pollutants with a high impact on health in urban areas. A location close to a source of fine particles can therefore have a real impact on the health of the occupants of these establishments.

4- Allergens 

Allergen peaks from April to July, particularly when windows are more frequently opened, are felt by sports hall occupants and pollute the indoor air of these spaces.

Benefits of the Shield range
  • Reinsurance of the health protocol.
  • Treatment of occasional odors : tests carried out in real conditions in a 40 m2 room simulating an extremely high odor and COV peak. Test results show a 90% reduction of odors in the BOOST and CONTINUOUS mode of the Shield® in less than 30 minutes.
  • Reduced viral load : testing conducted by an independent lab, using the procedures defined by the standard NF B44-200 to examine the performance of Shield® in response to continuously generated contaminants. The results have shown microorganism destruction rates ranging from 94% to 97% after a single pass (whether measuring microorganisms on their own or in combinations that are representative of real atmospheres).
  • Dampened noise levels.
  • Created by a master : Ramy Fischler, founder of the RF Studio agency, was named Designer of the Year in 2018 and was awarded the Order of Arts and Letters by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication in 2016.
  • Eco-friendly : Protection for not only human health but also the environment, thanks to a design which prioritises easily recyclable materials like steel, a technology that uses no consumables and requires no filter replacements, the elimination of plastic from all packaging, and a guarantee that the device will be serviceable for at least 10 years.

Key moments and spaces in sports halls

Group classes and gym rush hours are key moments mastered by the Shield and Shield Compact air purifiers produced and designed by JVD

The key spaces and moments within sports halls can all be effectively controlled by professional Shield and Shield Compact air purifiers equipped with their accessories. Here is a list of the most important ones :

  • Gym at peak hours, group classes (Shield in boost mode)
  • Relaxation area (Shield with anti-theft system as an option)
  • Establishment reception (Shield Compact on the counter)
  • Changing rooms (Shield Compact fixed on the wall or Shield if changing rooms > 20 m2 + Educational poster to display to raise awareness downloadable here)

Testimonial from the manager of a sports centre who uses the Shield air purifier

“I use the Shield continuously all day in a 60 m2 room. I activate the BOOST mode in case of strong odours from perspiration or in the morning when the air is heavy. My members are all under the spell. If we had to imagine it, I would go from a thick fog to a totally clear view. I only have a skylight to ventilate my basement room, the air purifier allows me to bring in a breath of fresh air. We breathe better, we are less tired at the end of the day and therefore more energetic!”


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