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How to destroy indoor air pollutants

Effectively destroying indoor air pollutants requires a combination of technologies such as the JVD Shield Air Purifier Line

Limitations of filtered air purification


Nowadays, the majority of air purification devices are based on filtration technology. This method of operation relies on medical-grade (HEPA) filters that, depending on their class (H13, H14, etc.), may remove up to 99.995% of airborne particles. They are often paired with pre-filters and/or activated carbon filters designed to capture pollutants in the air. The problem is that these filters become saturated quickly, leading to the appearance of secondary contamination sources inside air purifiers that do not receive regular maintenance.

Those secondary sources clog the HEPA filters and can cause punctures in them. The resulting release of particles has the exact opposite effect to the intended purpose of an air treatment device, sending pollutants that are hazardous to our health back into the air.

In response to this issue, JVD developed an innovative air purification technology for its Shield range.


Advantages of combining multiple air purification technologies

The technology developed by JVD, called Smart Mineralisation, is unique, patented and built on several bricks which, when combined, offer outstanding results whilst guaranteeing that the device is perfectly harmless.  

To put an end to secondary contamination sources and punctures, both of which are caused by filters clogged with viruses, bacteria and spores, JVD’s Shield employs photocatalysis to decontaminate its filtration chain by destroying any pollutants attached to the device’s HEPA H13 filter.This extends the life of our filters to as many as three years and prevents the need for repeated, costly filter replacements. If you want to learn more about this Shield technology, watch the explainer video provided below.


Guaranteed air purifier effectiveness through compliance with the latest standards

La gamme de purificateurs d'air Shield de JVD combine trois technologies pour capturer et détruire les polluants présents dans l'air intérieurAlthough air quality standards are not currently compulsory, they have proved to be effective in treating certain pollutants. Shield air purifiers though have undergone performance testing at independent labs, under very specific conditions. While the majority of devices on the market are tested for their ability to stop the spread of airborne vectors of pollutants (dog hair, dust, microdroplets, etc.), JVD’s air purifiers have been tested for their ability to stop the pollutants themselves (viruses, bacteria, allergens, etc.).
And that makes all the difference! It is an established fact that Shield devices provide highly effective air purification, meaning they comply with the complex standards defined for this market. This testing process and the results achieved by our purifiers offer a guarantee of their quality. To see the test results for Shield’s effectiveness in respect of the different pollutants present in indoor air, just click here.

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